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About us

Definition of "The Cringe Affect."

Fear of the expected and the unexpected. To move suddenly. A gesture of recoiling. Draw back from pain and danger. To shrink along with the dramatic change in facial expressions. You are overwhelmed with a rush of adrenaline. You close your eyes and grimace. You may even contort your body do to what you will soon experience or witness. "The Cringe Affect." 

Based out of Southern California. "The Cringe Affect" is an apparel & accessories company. "The Cringe Affect" brand will cater to athletes and non-athletes that enjoys living to the EXTREME. We offer our customers the best in apparel for any physical activities they plan to participate in. Our brand consist of graphic designed apparel, head wear and Extreme Sports Accessories and Equipment to follow. We welcome everyone to take part in the inception of “The Cringe Affect.”  Be sure to remember:



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